St Vincent’s Hospital offers unique and unparalleled clinical training experiences for its basic physician trainees.  As well as having all subspecialties in medicine on campus, the hospital is also home to the heart and lung transplant program for New South Wales, and is also a centre for allogenic bone marrow transplantation.  The hospital prides itself on the quality of care it strives to offer for those in the community who are disadvantaged and most in need.  this unique case mix of patients found at St Vincent’s Hospital ensures that basic physician trainees receive significant training and experience in managing complex medical problems and tailoring treatment plans to an individual patient’s social and personal context.

Written exam program

Start six months prior to the written examination, didactic tutorials are provided by consultant physicians and advanced trainees from the various medicine subspecialties. These lectures aim to complement the material offered by the College online lecture series program.  Trainees are also provided with the opportunity to sit up to two trial written examinations. Since 2019, the written examination lecture program has been delivered in a blended-online format (i.e. attendance is possible either in person as well as online via video teleconferencing). This has allowed trainees across the network to access teaching delivered from all three sites.

Clinical exam program

Following an introductory series of didactic tutorials, trainees undertake regular long cases and are rostered for weekly short case sessions.  Trainees also have the opportunity to undertake public long cases, clinical masterclasses as well as a trial examination.